The Crucial Role of Irrigation in Agriculture in India

The Crucial Role of Irrigation in Agriculture in India

20 November, 2013

How often do we read or hear that agriculture is the backbone of India. Indian economy and stability depends on crops like rice, wheat, cotton, etc. It is a fact that irrigation is the most important factor in cultivation of crops. Irrigation not only decides for the quantity but also to a considerable extent of the quality of the crops. At first, our farmers completely depended on rain water for irrigating their fields. But frequent draughts in many regions made people realize that they have to find some other ways.


At a stage it was found that canaling will be the best option for irrigating the fields. Canals were cut from big and small rivers and the water flowed to the villages of India. From there the framers had to fit a pump and pipe to irrigate their fields. The water gets distributed through the channels made in the fields between the rows of seeds or crops. Canaling is still one of the most important irrigation techniques in India.

Pumps & Pipes

Be it canaling or any other type of irrigation system, proper irrigation, to a great extent, depends on the Pipes and pumps used in the set up. Through a pump and several Pipes, water is made to enter the field from one side, but this does not always ensure that whole of the field gets equal water. So in large farm areas more than one pump and several pipes are used to irrigate the fields.

In some places sprinklers are also used to irrigate the fields. Sprinklers are indeed a good way to irrigate the whole of the farmland. But even in the case of sprinkler systems, pipes and pumps have a major role to play. And if you are looking high quality irrigation equipment, just go through the following paragraph.

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