All About Line Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

All About Line Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

25 November, 2013

Line Sprinkler Irrigation Systems are quite effective in large field areas. They are widely used for commercial farming. If you are wondering what exactly Line Sprinkler Irrigation Systems are in detail and how they can be of help to you, then this is the place for you to be. In this article we are going to discuss in detail about Line Sprinkler Irrigation Systems.

Line Sprinkler Irrigation Systems Comprise Of:

A pumping unit
Sprinkler head/s

The Three Main Parts Of Line Sprinkler Irrigation Systems Are:

Pumping Unit – In Line Sprinkler Irrigation Systems water is distributed as artificial rain. To create that, pumping of water is done with considerable pressure. This pressure forces the water out of the perforations in the pipes and nozzles and hence forming a spray in the upward direction. Then the water comes down to the field as water droplets.

Tubings – Tubings are the main part of Line Sprinkler Irrigation Systems. They ensure proper and continuous supply of water to the nozzles and sprinklers. Tubings include mainline, submains and several laterals. The water from the source is pumped up through the mainline, and then it supplies the water to the submains. Submains transfer the pressurized water to different laterals and in turn to the different sprinklers placed at regular intervals.

Sprinkler Head – Sprinkler Heads come at the last in Line Sprinkler Irrigation Systems. They ensure even distribution of the water allover or over some specified area of the field. There are various types of Sprinklers available in the market. They can be made to rotate or can be used as fixed as per requirements.

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