Benefits Of PEX Piping Systems

Benefits Of PEX Piping Systems

25 November, 2013

Cross linked polyethylene (PEX) Pipes are extensively used in water supply system due to the many features of PEX Pipes. These flexible, high temperature and polymer PEX Pipes are also used in a variety of applications. Some of its applications are pipework systems, heating systems, high tension electrical cables, chemical transportation, sewage and slurries, etc. They are widely used as a replacement for copper in plumbing applications. And they are one of the dominant sources of transporting drinking water. They can also suitable for underground fittings.

Now, there are many advantages of installing PEX Piping Systems. PEX Pipes have many properties such as chemical resistance, high temperature and durability which make them excellent for drinking water systems in commercial buildings and housing complexes.

Benefits Of PEX Piping Systems

Easy installation - Installing PEX piping system is less labor intensive as it uses mechanical connections eliminating the need to use glue to attach Pipes or torch to solder Pipes. Even, due to their flexibility, it is easier to bend them in case of any obstruction. Two matching parts are pushed together with the use of compression fittings to speed the installation and improve their performance.

Flexibility - They can easily bend and accommodate turns into a wide radius according to the space. It is also easy to supply a direct line from the water source to an outlet fixture without cutting the pipe. This reduces the need to have costly and potentially risky joints.

Reliability – The presence of properties such as chemical and corrosion resistance. As they do not corrode, there is no chance of leakage in them which eventually makes them more reliable.

Cost effective and durable – During the installation, they require low costs as it is not a labor intensive task. Even they have excellent corrosion and chemical resistance which make them durable and long lasting.

Freeze resistance - PEX piping systems can easily withstand extreme temperatures. They can also freeze in low temperatures but without any damage to Pipes.

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